Birthdays and special occasions

Want a special celebration? Try the escape room adventure!

While celebrating special occasions like birthdays or bachelorette parties at home, at a bar or a restaurant sounds good enough, try bringing those same guests, the people you love and hang out with, to escape room – now that’s an experience all in itself!

Escape room is a perfect place for getting to know your friends and family and to profile them: who is a mathematician, and who is a logician? Who excels at figuring out clues, and who is handy? Who panics, and who stays completely cool? Every room offers a unique atmosphere, a different world and takes you on a whole different adventure, and the common theme is awesome fun. You will have something to talk about for days, we guarantee it!

Send us an email if you have questions or simply book your prefered day and time online. If your team happens to be larger than six people, we suggest you book two parallel rooms, and in that case you will be starting and finishing your game at the approximately same time. Enthusiasts can book both rooms two times, which means the teams will switch places – when you’re done with one room, after a break you enter the other one, and in that case both teams get to experience both rooms! Prices are the same as with regular booking, but for a person who is celebrating a birthday (we would kindly ask you to show us your ID) we give 50 kuna discount!

We also have an option where we hide a present for a person who’s celebrating a birthday to be found at the end of the game.

ZIf you’re interested in having a birthday party for kids, send us an e-mail with information about number of kids that are going to be attending, number of rooms you would like to book, and your phone number so we can contact you.

Let the adventure begin – all you have to do is pick the time and book it online!

Have a question? Contact us!