Birthdays and other celebrations

Having dinner at home, in a cafe or restaurant, is perfectly fine, but bringing the team, the people you love and hang out with, to roomescape, well… that’s a different story! Each room has a different atmosphere, presents a new world and invites you to a new adventure, and fun is guaranteed. You will not be short of things to talk about for at least a week, we promise!

Send us an email or give us a call, and we will do our best to organize an unforgettable celebration at a time that suits you best. If you have more than six people in your team, we recommend booking two rooms at the same time. In this case, you will start the game at the same time and finish it around the same time. If you are more than 12 people, it is of course possible to book up to 3 adventures at the same time.

If you play with us on your birthday, we will give you a birthday present – 20% discount! The birthday discount is valid only upon presentation of an official document.

We also offer the possibility to include a birthday gift as a surprise in the game itself, which will be found towards the end of the game.

For children’s birthday parties, please contact us and let us know the number of children, the desired rooms and the phone number where we can reach you to facilitate the arrangements.