Dracula’s Chambers

Are you his bloodtype?

75 – 150 kn per person 

Welcome to mystical castles of Transylvania

eternal residences of deadly, unholy, humanlike creatures. Locally known as moroi or strigoi, but you may know them simply as… Vampires.

Bloodsucking bastards, who traded warmth of the day for cold blackness of the night. Pale, bloodthirsty monsters who enjoy the sound of fresh blood rushing through your young, pumped veins. Sophisticated alluring devils who can only be defeated by wooden stakes with silver tips, sunlight, or garlic.

Legends say there are a few ways to become one. If you are born with extra hair or a tail, if you are the 7th child in the family, if you die an unnatural death or get bitten by one – beware. Maybe your favourite drink will become Bloody Mary, Stacy, Tom or Whoever Smells Nice.

The Glorious Madman Called Dracula

Long long time ago, in the 15th century, in his medieval castle, lived a cruel, cruel ruler named Vlad Dracula. Some might say he was one of the greatest Romanian rulers. Great at conquering, but with not so great personality. He was well known and feared across the land, because he had a nasty habit of impaling people who wronged him. Hence, the nickname Vlad The Impaler, or Vlad Tepes.

He was not very tall, but was strong as hell. His cold, terrible appearance would cast a shadow of fear in every room he stepped into. His pale skin and piercing green eyes could freeze your blood. Even when he was in a good mood, his thick, black eyebrows made him look threatening.

He vanquished lots of land, impaled lots of people, and finally, after a long reign of terror, Vlad The Dragon died an unnatural death in battle. Well, eventually, every life has to come to an end. Or does it?

Vlad’s favourites

Whine & Ice Scream

Batminton, Casketball

Blood Orange, Necktarine

Impaling people

Love at first bite

Artistic tendencies
Drawing blood

Financial institution
Blood Bank

Drain you

Song he hates
Another one bites the dust

Signature greeting
So long, sucker

500 years later…

You are a member of a team of curious wildlife explorers who are on a mission in Transylvania. It’s starting to get dark, and you know you all should head home, but… You see a monumental castle lurking behind the tall dark trees and, of course, go and have a closer look. Carefully walking around the castle, you see an opportunity – an open door. You go into the castle and snoop around a little more. Oh, another door! You slide them open and enter the room. There is a big painting hanging on the wall. Wait, that’s a portrait of Dracula! A set up table, with no dust on. Hmmm. What’s on the menu? If you don’t want it to be you, you better run!

Bam! Door slams shut. Panic. No way out. It is getting darker by the minute. Panic again.

Tick-tock! Only 60 minutes left until Count Dracula wakes up. Probably hungry. And we all know what’s his favourite food.

Get out or get sucked!

Take a sneak peek into Dracula’s Chambers!