Frequently Asked Questions

What type of adventures do you offer at Escape Art?

At Escape Art we offer three completely different rooms. If you are fan of mystic atmosphere, cursed castles, vampires and apparitions, then Dracula’s Chambers are just for you! On the other hand, if you are fighter for justice and honor, and you love medieval challenges, then it is best that you join Robin Hood’s band and save the Kingdom. For those who love library, fiction, and above all magic, there is Magical Library that will soon be ready to put you on test!

What are the recommended age groups?

Escape Art adventures are designed to be fun and challenging to all ages, but our younger explorers, 14 and under, are expected to be accompanied by an adult. If the rooms are to be enjoyed only by children, then our game-master will be joining them in the room.

How long does the game last?

The walk through the Sherwood Forest and escape from the haunted Dracula’s castle takes 60 minutes, while the Magic Library is more demanding, so we give you 75 minutes to solve its challenges. Complete experience takes a little bit more time, considering that you are required to arrive 15 minutes early, and after the game we take pictures and we want to hear about your impressions!

What if we get stuck during the game?

Our game-masters will be here with you every step of the way! Feel free to ask for help or hint and we’ll nudge you in the right direction without revealing too much of the game itself. Before you enter the room you’ll talk about hints with your game-master, and you’ll be offered several options, for optimal game experience.

Is there anything we have to bring?

Absolutely nothing but your good mood and a couple of friends! Your personal belongings (including your cellphones) are going to be stored in a locked cabinet and for an hour you’ll escape into a completely different world.

Are the rooms really locked?

Because of the design of the rooms and the game, Dracula’s Chambers and Magical Library are indeed locked, but if you need to get out for whatever reason, you can do it with ease if you press “panic button”. Robin’s Hood band is always unlocked.

Are Dracula's Chambers scary for real?

The fear is in the imagination more than it is in the room itself 🙂

How many people can play one room?

Up to 6 players can enter one room. If there are more than 6, we would suggest booking two rooms at the same time – your experience will be more complete and satisfying.

What if there's more than 12 of us?

Escape Art has been succesfully collaborating with great escape rooms which are located in close proximity, so there is an option of organizing multiple games if needed.

Can we pay by credit card?

Payments are cash-only for the time being.