Casino robbery - Mobile escape

Do you need a fun and interactive activity that will connect your colleagues and cheer them up at the same time? Are you a large team and it is not convenient for you to come to us?

No problem! We will come to you and bring the fun with us!

Mobile Roomescape (as we call it because we can bring it to any room) is a fun activity based on Roomescape games (combination of Roomescape and board game), with a casino heist theme. It can be played by up to 80 people at a time, divided into teams (groups), and we designed it specifically for corporate events, i.e. team building.

During the game, players must work together within each group to reach the final goal and solve the set task. The puzzles are of different character, and each group gets its own set of puzzles (a padlocked chest and a set of locked items inside), which, when solved, lead to the final solution. This time you will not be playing against time, but against each other!

Of course, our gamemasters will be present during the whole event, working as animators, actors and assistants in solving tasks.

Since the theme of our Mobile Escape is a casino heist in Las Vegas, we create the casino atmosphere and “teleport” you directly into an adrenaline-filled adventure.

This is also an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better – who is a mathematician and who is a logician? Who is good at connecting clues, and who is better at spotting hidden clues? Who panics, and who stays cool? We are certain you’ll be surprised!