Be the hero, save the kingdom

75 – 150 kn per person

The Sherwood forest

Nature’s little gem, located in Nottinghamshire. If you ever find yourself there, you may stumble upon a man in green, armed with a longbow. If you are honest and humble, have no fear, you won’t be hurt. Au contraire, you’ll be invited to share a meal. But, if you are greedy and sneaky, be careful when riding through the woods, because you might end up riding your horse backwards back to town. Buck naked, and penniless.

Who does that, you might ask? A rebel in lincoln green tights, Robin Hood. And his unavoidable band of Merry Men. Well, techincally, Robin might be a thief, but he is no common criminal. “No honor among thieves” does not apply to this rebel. He takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Although an outlaw, he is a strong supporter of the rightful king. Especially king Richard the Lionheart.

But, to make things even more interesting, every kingdom has to have some bad guys. In this case, the culprits are greedy, corrupted Sheriff and prince John, conniving usurper brother of the king. Those two often keep Robin occupied, with their tireless plots and attempts of stealing the crown and taking the throne.

Robin Hood

A witty heroic outlaw. Highly skilled archer and swordsman. Takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Usually seen hanging out with his gang, the Merry Men, near hollow oak trees. Very much in love in lady Marion. All together, a good guy.

King Richard the Lionheart

A valiant, competent military fighter. Wise and noble ruler. Courageous and generous. The ideal king – kind and considerate of his subjects. Compassionate man who takes good care of his whole kingdom. Also a good guy.

Sheriff of Nottingham

Robin’s archnemesis. Greedy bastard, who abuses his authority. Rotten apple of the kingdom. Pompous, arrogant and manipulative. Also in love with Marion, the love of Robin Hood’s life. Definitely not a good guy.

The Merry Men

Robin’s band of outlaws. Trained fighters. Loyal and jolly.

Little John

Robin’s right hand. The tallest man in the group.

Friar Tuck

A Holy man who eats a lot, drinks a lot and swears a lot.

Will Scarlett

A musical, fashion obsessed dandy. Trusted friend and a merciless fighter.

Maid Marion

Beautiful, skilled swordswoman, trustworthy spy. Robin Hood’s true love.

Much The Miller’s Son

Young, innocent and not too bright. Loyal to the bone.

The crown is stolen!

This is not the case of whodunit, because we already know who to blame for this – those two little weasels, Prince John and his shifty pal, Sheriff of Nottingham.Rumor has it that the crown is hidden somewhere in Sheriff’s office. Unfortunately, Robin is not in town at the moment, so it is up to you, his band of Merry Men, to fight this fight and make things right.
Luckily for you, those two are hungry little bastards, and they went out to the nearest tavern for lunch, to celebrate. But they’ll be back in 60 minutes! Get your detective cape on and jump into this window of opportunity!

Find the crown, save the kingdom! No pressure.

Take a sneak peek into Sheriff’s office