Dracula’s Chambers

Are you his bloodtype?


Be the hero, save the kingdom


Read with care and from answer don’t stray

What is escape room?

Things just got real

If you love games, riddles and mystery movies, you’re gonna enjoy escape room games.
Escape room is a real life game, where the real hero is – YOU! We lock you and your friends up in a mysterious room full of riddles, hidden clues and various locks.
Your mission: be gone in 60 minutes.

A truly team effort game, escape room is ideal for a fun night out with friends and family, but also for organized teambuilding.
Haven’t tried it yet? Take a sneak peek into adventures that we are offering: Magical Library, Robin Hood and Dracula’s Chambers, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Pick the room, assemble a team and beat the clock in this exciting room escape game!



Show your team has spirit,
in this exciting room escape game!

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Want a special celebration?
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